I can’t believe you’re still feeling this way. You know, I lost my parents when I was a teenager but today I’m healed from the emptiness it left. You should be healed by now.

I struggle with your emotions. You’re too sensitive.

You and your bulshit emotions, ‘I’m feeling this, I’m feeling that, bla bla bla’

If you were abused for so long, why didn’t you just leave?

These are things I’ve been told, respectively, by a friend, an ex-lover, my brother, and a Brazilian psychologist I had a session with two weeks ago, as I was looking for a professional here in Brazil to help me in my process of recovering and healing from narcissistic abuse and complex PTSD. And these are just samples of things I’ve heard all my life from different people.

I’m writing this here not to play the victim or to ask for your sympathy. Rather, I’ve come to ask you to get informed about abuse and/or C-PTSD in case you have someone in your circle or community recovering from it. Getting informed will help you understand what a person recovering from these types of trauma has been through and perhaps be part of their support system as they go through their recovery process, which is so damn hard as usually they can’t count on their family members for that.

I had a breakthrough last night and I know it wouldn’t have been possible – or it’d have taken much longer – had I not had the support from my network (now online!) one way or another, to show me that healthy, supportive, empathetic relationships are possible, to the point I can have a healthy, supportive, empathetic relationship with my own self.

I thank you, and you, and you! 💜 I so appreciate each of you in my life. Onwards I go!