I’ve finally received an email from my lawyer after they reviewed all of my visa documents which were released under the FOI. Basically in a nutshell, I didn’t meet the ‘work in South Australia’ requirements because (one of the reasons was that) the majority of my work/clients were located outside SA (some in other Australian states, some overseas, only few in SA). Plus a very important document was not provided to Immi SA – a spreadsheet with my work breakdown, which I took a week to produce (a full-time effort by the way!). This means that the Department didn’t commit any mistakes in assessing my application.

While reading the three page review, I felt angry, I felt misled. I now feel that the visa I was going for was the wrong visa for me after all, given that I do translate for clients worldwide – and the migration agent was aware of that – and apparently it’s clear that the employer(s) should be based in SA, so I feel misled and silly for having spent so much time and energy preparing for and stressing on a visa I didn’t even meet the requirements of.

There’s part of me that feels relieved of the guilt though, and a heavy weight has now been lifted from my heart. The feeling of guilt hunted me from time to time. Once in a while, I’d blame myself for not having worked harder, for not having chased another job/career that could’ve led me to the PR, for keeping sticking with being a translator that will probably take me nowhere near my dream – I even doubted if I was a good translator. Nevertheless, I’m convinced now that there was nothing wrong done on my part. The state nomination being refused wasn’t my fault, and sadly I chose the wrong migration agent to assist me in one of the most important endeavours of my life. Also sad and frustrating that even though I’ve contributed a lot to Australia, I’ve done all my education there, I’ve obtained all my qualifications there, I’m well known in my field within the country, there is no pathway to residency that suits my profile, skills and qualifications.

What a journey, dear ones! So simple yet so complex. Adelaide still feels like home to me; let’s see how things will plan out moving forward.