Too little, yet too much

As I sat at the train station in Cefalù waiting for my night train to Rome, I looked at my suitcase, my toiletry handbag and my laptop bag, and bang! It hit me – these are all my belongings for the time being. I once thought it was extraordinary the fact that my life fitted in a car when I moved from the Gold Coast to Adelaide. It was comforting though, to know that I was driving to a city where I already had a furnished home to move into, I was ready to build a new life, and in one year my dream of migrating to Australia would start to come true (#not). Now this – one suitcase, a small bag, a computer, and the uncertainty about when I’ll have a home again – feels like a whole new level of unexpected minimalism.

Six weeks have passed so far and I’ve managed to live with so little. Few belongings and lots of emotions. Life is interesting – who’d have thought that I’d be experiencing something like this? Sometimes it feels so simple – it’s all temporary, it’s only a matter of navigating through this period, and before I know it, it’ll be over. Other times it seems too complex – there are lots of awakening happening, lessons being learned, and wounds being healed. Too little, yet too much. Simple, yet complex.

2 thoughts on “Too little, yet too much

  1. Thanks for sharing Sof. I hear you. Few people have the opportunity to really let go of the materialistic coils, but it’s frightening. I had a similar experience when I returned from Nepal in 2003. No job, home, roots.
    One day, I really think you will look back at this time as a massive gift, but navigate it with all the supports surrounding you, as you are doing.
    Have you thought about publishing the experience as a novel- could be really useful for others going through this?
    Online publishing isn’t expensive, I believe- one of my fb friends does it- Kylie Ansett.

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    • Thanks Kim! I’d love to hear more about your experience back in 2003.
      There’re days when the letting go feels natural and necessary; other days it’s frightening as you mentioned.
      You’re not the first one suggesting me to publish a book. Maybe my journaling and this blog could be material for something? thanks for the tip. xx



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