Yoga in Challenging Times

I am now a contributor to the Health & Harmony blog 🙂 Here is my first post – on how yoga has helped me during this current challenging time! Health & Harmony is a yoga studio owned by a dear friend (a follower of the Simple Yet Complex Journal!), and where I used to practice yoga. It was also where I’d go on Sundays to practice chanting and kirtan, and where I’d have probably started teaching and holding mantra/kirtan sessions if it wasn’t for the current challenges.

Hope you like it!

Cherie Steele

So you go to your yoga class every week and get your dose of calm and balance, then something challenging happens in your life and wait… what? Where did all that calm and balance go?

Throughout all my years practicing yoga, I’ve come to understand more and more that yoga is a way of life. We learn so much about ourselves in class, but everything becomes even more inspiring when we take yoga out of the studio and into our daily life.

I’ve been going through some very challenging times lately – a period of transition, after being refused a migration visa to Australia and having to leave the country, not currently having a home, and facing a romantic relationship which didn’t work out. My life turned upside down overnight, and a great deal of emotions and feelings surfaced because of it – one after the other, hitting me in…

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